About us

SPC Padel was founded 2021.

After many played hours on a full-size court with two boys aged 6 and 9, the idea of ​​SPC was born in the driveway at home. Nets were set up, lines were drawn and the walls consisted of EUR-pallets. It was an immediate success and a first prototype was developed. Our small padel court gives the children a sense of control and is perceived as more easy to play. Our goal is to make padel more accessible for the smaller children between 3–12 years old. The cage is also suitable for adults and the older children who wants to train their short strokes, angles, drop shot etc. This court helps to get more familiar with the usage of padel racket and ball at an early age. Padel is one of the most expansive sports in the world right now with great potential.

SPC Padel delivers a small padel court of high quality that is available in aluminum or black lacquered. Of course we can help you with the ground work and assembly if desired.

Our passion is “Padel Joy for Children”.

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